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A weekly email with best-in-class SaaS and services tailored to what your network needs.

Step 1

Tell us a few companies where you have meaningful connections

Step 2

You'll get a weekly email with referrable products tailored to the companies you know

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Clearly see referral terms and connect with vendors you find interesting

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Introduce vendors to companies in your network and get paid

Your network is your net worth

Help your professional network solve new problems and participate in the upside.

Discover opportunities

Learn about best-in-class companies that have attractive referral agreements.

Thoroughly vetted

Mercury carefully vets products and services giving you ease of mind when you make a referral.

Value creation

Create value for yourself by creating value for others. Connect great vendors and the people who need them.

Benefit when deals close

Sign referral agreements with vendors and open up new streams of income.